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What is “literary particularism”?

033008cyperastrofolkie.jpgAfter reading such authors as Anne Lamott and Victor Hugo – yes, lit fans, I think they belong in the same sentence for a variety of reasons I can’t go into here – I searched Wikipedia to see if there was such a thing as “particularism” applied to literature, which can be described as “adding details to non-fiction, fiction, or song lyrics that give the work a sense of credibility and full dimension.”  There was not.  So, I decided it should be there, because it describes others besides just Lamott and Hugo:  poet e.e. cummings and country music songwriters Dierks Bentley and Phil Vassar.  And it describes professionals in other fields:  architects like Gaudi or Wright; painters like Degas or Cezanne; movie makers like Joel and Ethan Cohen or the Wachowski Brothers.

This is the first blog devoted to literary particularism.

photo:  cyberastrofolkie

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